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Spiritual Alchemy of Cannabis

4 Week Women's Workshop & Ceremony Series

  • Learn how to connect with cannabis as a spiritual sacrament for guidance & healing,

  • Join our Live Weekly Cannabis Goddess Ceremonies on Zoom,

  • Receive written material each week on the 4 cannabis Goddesses we will be honoring,

  • Join a sacred container for 1 month w/the sisters in our circle,

  • Receive weekly instructional videos to Learn Spiritual Alchemy Tools for making Cannabis Elixirs, Massage Oils & more 

  • Enter a Dieta & learn how to receive the gifts of this practice,

  • Discover Ancient Feminine Mystery practices with cannabis,

  • Participate in shamanic drumming sessions during our live ceremonies to commune w/ your power animals for guidance,

  • Connect w/your sisters in our circle via our WhatsApp chat platform to share stories, support one another, ask questions, etc.

June 20th - July 22nd

Join us from the comfort of your own home

What to Expect


In our four week Intensive, the  Spiritual Alchemy of Cannabis, we will:


  • Enter into a Dieta to Cultivate a Relationship w/ the Spirit of Cannabis as our Guiding Light,

  • Participate in Four Live Online Cannabis Goddess Ceremonies, 

  • Receive Weekly written material covering information on the Cannabis Goddesses we will honor, Divine Feminine Mystery Practices, Tools to commune w/ Cannabis as a Spirit Medicine, Relationship between Cannabis & the Divine Feminine,

  • Receive Weekly Instructional Videos for Sacred Cannabis Infusions where you will how to prepare Infusions using Spiritual Herbal Alchemy techniques,

  • Learn to sing a variety of Goddess songs & Chants for the Goddesses we will honor,

  • Weekly Shamanic Drumming sessions to discover our power animals & learn how to journey w/them for guidance & healing,

  • Access to a platform where you can connect w/ our sisters around the globe who will be joining our Spiritual Container over this month long journey we are embarking on together...

Plant Spirit Medicine Workshops for Women


Within each Flower is a hidden Spiritual Nectar!

In order to receive this Spiritual Nectar, we must first develop a spiritual relationship with the Flower we are seeking guidance & healing from. Each of Mother Earth's Sacred Plant Medicines contains a Spirit & has much wisdom & healing to offer to those who know how to connect with this Divinity.

Our Spiritual Herbal Alchemy Workshops offer tools you can use in Your Life going forward to develop a Genuine Spiritual Bond with the Plant Medicines you choose to Commune with.

Our Workshops take place within a Ceremonial Context which allows us to tap into our own Divine Guidance so that what we are learning can be received & retained on a cellular level.

At both our Online & Local Ceremonies we commune with Herbal Medicines as a Spiritual Sacrament with Gratitude & Reverence.


Together we enter into a sacred connection with our plant ally as our Divine Light & Guiding Force. Within this sacred container you will learn tools to develop a true spiritual relationship with the plant medicine we are communing with.


In all of our Ceremonial Workshops we set an intention to deepen our connection with our Higher Self, Spiritual Guides & Guardian Angels in order to Heal ourselves on all levels & live our fullest potential. 


 Our plant allies are here to offer us divine guidance for the expansion of our consciousness! We honor our Sacred Plant Teachers with Love & Devotion. We offer deep Gratitude to Mother Earth  & to her Sacred Plant Medicines. When we learn to truly connect with & honor the Spirit of Mother Earth's Divine Medicines we open up a channel to be able to receive their blessings in return.


When we learn the history & the sacred teachings of the Plant Medicine Queendom we are working collectively to preserve her wisdom for future generations & for the benefit of all.


Blessed be! As above so below!

Untitled (704 × 726 px).png

Renee Boje is Canada's 1st Cannabis Refugee from the US who was granted Canadian Citizenship. Renee Boje's case was a high profile case for 10 years & garnered a great deal of media attention as she devoted herself whole heartedly to cannabis activism & spoke out about the injustices women face in the hands of the US Prison system. View Video Interviews of Renee speaking about her Cannabis Refugee case & the creation of her 1st Entheogen shop in the gallery below. 

Renee opened the first Entheogen Shop in Vancouver BC. where she went on to co found an Ayahuasca Church & facilitate Plant Spirit Medicine ceremonies for 10 years. 


Renee currently resides on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada where she facilitates Women's Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremonies & owns & operates Shakti Blissful Botanicals, a herbal boutique specializing in Blissful & Consciousness expanding Herbal Medicines. 

Alchemy of Cannabis

Women's Workshop & Ceremony


Untitled design (21).png

Renee at Shakti Blissful Botanicals, her current Entheogen Shop on the Sunshine Coast of BC 

Photo of Renee Boje featured in Cannabis Culture Magazine

Renee Boje at her Shop the Urban Shaman, Photo from a Cannabis Culture Magazine Interview


Vancouver Compassion Club founder Hilary Black interviews Renee Boje about her cannabis refugee case.

Part 2 Hilary tours the Urban Shaman, Vancouver's 1st Entheogen shop, created by Renee in 2002.

Cannabis Activist David Malmo-Levine interviews Renee Boje about her Cannabis Refugee Case

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